Insurance Valuations

Collegium provides valuations of machineries, equipment and real estate.

Collegium provides valuations and appraisals of all assets classes including machineries, equipment and real estate.

Our appraisals and appraisers comply with all regulations and certifications (RICS, ASA etc.) and our reports are requested for insurance and financing purposes.

Our service capabilities enables us to combine tangible assets appraisals with valuations for e.g. accounting- or transaction purposes. The resulting cost advantages and synergies we can pass through towards our clients.

Collegium is positioned to serve our clients in complex, multidisciplinary assignments. Based on our experience we have a clear understanding of different valuation methods, frameworks and application of our valuations.

Our integrated valuations approach include tangible assets appraisals as well as financial valuations and deal making skills. This enables us to tailormade the unique solutions our clients need.

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Collegium is an independent, full-service corporate finance and valuation advisor. Our experienced, dedicated teams provide value by combining premier deal-making and valuation expertise resulting in creative and efficient solutions tailored to our clients' requirements.

  • M&A Advisory
  • Financial Modelling
  • Accounting Valuations
  • Transaction Services
  • Restructuring Services
  • Disputes and Litigations
Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance
Fixed Asset Solutions

M&A Advisory

Collegium Advisors supports its clients in buy- and sell-side mergers & acquisitions. Our experience, integrated approach, creativity and commitment allow our clients to achieve their respective goals.

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Financial Modelling

Collegium provides best-in-class financial modelling services for our clients either for business planning, investment cases or the assessment of strategic scenario’s. We provide hands-on and cost-efficient solutions and work aligned with our client’s teams.

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Accounting Valuations

Collegium Advisors provides valuations of tangible and intangible assets to (multinational) corporates for accounting purposes. We are an experienced provider of Purchase Price Allocations and Impairment Testing complying with applicable accounting frameworks (such as IFRS and local GAAP).

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Transaction Services

We differentiate ourselves with our due diligence services by providing independency, completeness and a true focus on real deal issues and value added content. Our reporting is non-standard, sector-specific and defined in close alignment with our client’s requirements.

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Restructuring Services

We support our clients in implementing robust cash management, developing sound operational restructuring plans, the divestment of non-core or ailing business, and the refinancing of operations.

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Disputes and Litigations

We support our clients in resolving issues and conflicts that threaten operations when their bottom line and reputation are at risk. Collegium also conducts fraud investigations and forensic analysis.

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